Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set, 3.8mm Nib, Green Cap with Black and Red Ink, Plus 12 Assorted Color Ink Refills

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Brand: PILOT


  • Breakthrough nib design features two parallel plates that create sharp, beautiful lines
  • Parallel Pens come in four nib widths, each packaged separately: 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.8 mm, 6.0 mm
  • Mixable inks create remarkable color effects by blending the ink of two pen nibs
  • Each pen comes with two cartridges, a converter, nib cleaner and instruction booklet
  • Refillable; Includes 12 assorted color ink refills!

Publisher: Pilot

Details: Capture the art and charm of beautiful handwriting with a very cherished and unique form of expression, calligraphy. Featuring a nib that consists of two parallel plates, Pilot's Parallel Pens are a major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design that allows the experienced, or novice writer to produce crisp, smooth flowing lines. If it's too difficult to choose just one ink color, gently blend the ink of two Parallel Pen nibs together to create mixable inks with remarkable color effects. Load two pens, each with a different but compatible color of cartridge. Hold one pen vertically and touch the second pen to the first pen for a few seconds. Begin to write with the first pen and delight in the blending of the two colors. Each set comes with a Parallel Pen, one black and one red ink cartridge, a converter to properly flush the pen, nib cleaner and use & care guide. Parallel Pens are available in four nib widths, each packaged separately: 1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm and 6.0mm.

UPC: 044902022661

EAN: 0044902022661

Binding: Office Product

Item Condition: New

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